Choosing the perfect wedding cake

Choosing the perfect cake for your dream wedding is a delicious yet tedious task. Let us help you with a few tips and tricks!

  1. Set your budget and stick to it. Last minute choices often tempt to splurge, the thought of a once-in-a-lifetime-event clouding all other sane advice. Hence, be firm with yourself and avoid the temptations as the D-day nears!
  2. Anticipate the number of guests. Larger the number of invitees, bigger the cake. Try to form an accurate figure based on invites sent, and positive responses. A reputable baker can give you a fair idea about the size you may need from their experiences.
  3. Ask around friends and relatives. There always are people who have gone through the grind before you. Find a few friends whose recommendations you respect about a bakery that can deliver what it promises. Size, taste, price and on-time delivery should be your topmost concerns.
  4. Browse Internet and Facebook. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the creative designs of wedding cakes being baked out! Apart from the portfolio of your chosen baker, impressive designs from online sources can help you in creating a masterpiece at a good price.
  5. Tasting sessions with at least 3 bakeries. Once you have shortlisted designs and size, do ask them to arrange for a tasting session with either your family or your prospective spouse. That way you’ll be able to choose flavours and toppings that your design can accommodate, and choose accordingly.
  6. Give it time. Don’t wait until the last minute to design a cake. 4-6 weeks before the weeding is the ideal time to begin your hunt – sometimes a bit more.
  7. Remember too many cooks? Involve only 2-3 people in your cake hunt. Including you.

Following these basic guidelines will help you in making an intelligent choice for your wedding cake that people will remember for setting a trend and becoming a benchmark for future weddings in your family and close circles.
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