Having a fall or winter wedding isn’t most couple’s first choice. Most often, betrothed couples choose to have their wedding in the Spring or Summer. That’s why wedding season commonly falls between May and October. However, there are several, little-known benefits to having your wedding amidst the brisk chill of the autumn air. There are even more advantages to having a wedding in winter and embracing the stark purity of the driven snow. To provide a better idea of what we’re talking about, here a few reasons why you may want to fall in love with cold-weather weddings.

Less Expensive Venues

Having a cheaper venue is probably the most practical reason as to why you may want to consider a cold-weather wedding. Venue prices drop dramatically mid-way through October, and they go down even farther by the time the snow has arrived. If you’re contributing to the cost of the wedding at all, this might be how you get your dream venue.

Extra Wedding Dress Choices

With the onset of colder weather comes the necessity to layer up, and keep yourself warm. While you may at first see this as an absolute detriment to having a fall or winter wedding, it can actually be a plus! Long-sleeved wedding dresses have been back in style ever since Kate Middleton wore one during her wedding to Prince William in April of 2011. Having a winter wedding would be the perfect excuse to wear a wedding dress with extra ruffles, lace, a heavier gown, or elegant sleeves. It can also be a great chance to adorn yourself in furs if you fancy that sort of thing. Whichever way you lean, there are loads of extra dress options to explore if you have a winter or fall wedding.

A Reception Laden with Comfort Food

In the months leading up to your wedding, it’s likely you’ve put yourself on a diet. Whether you’re a bride or groom, going on a diet and kicking your exercise routine into high gear before the big day has become a common practice. So when your wedding comes around, and you find yourself staring down a relatively bland glazed salmon, you might feel cheated out of a victory meal. Having a fall or winter wedding gives you the perfect excuse to load your reception with all the heavy comfort foods you’ve been dreaming of for the last several months. You can serve gourmet bacon sliders, decadent ice cream and fudge dishes, roasts, cheese and potatoes, and all manner of savoury and sweetmeats. The food options that pair with cold-weather months are simply to-die-for, and ought to factor heavily into your decision to have one.

The Fairytale Photos

Some people think fall and winter are bleak and desolate months. We, however, tend to think otherwise. Take Christmas for example. Imagine a snowy evening on a quiet residential street. Softly glowing lights are strung along roofs and eavestroughs. There’s not a single breeze that’s blowing, and glistening white snow is gently falling over every surface. If you stop and listen very carefully, all you’ll hear is the barely audible pitter-patter of snowflakes hitting the ground.
Frankly, we can’t imagine a more serene or peaceful setting. Now, after taking all that into consideration, imagine the combination of a white winter-scape and your white wedding dress as well! The perfect combination of colours will really make your wedding pictures pop, and help create memories you won’t ever forget.

Wedding Decor Inspirations

The season in which you have your wedding will heavily influence your decor options. Throwing a wedding in the summer means your options like wall decorations, centrepieces, and floral arrangements will feature warm themes and the same types of flowers that everyone has seen a million times over. Having your wedding in the fall or winter means taking the path less travelled, which can mean pinecone place card holders and boutonnières, gorgeous wreaths adorning the walls, and twinkling lights hanging from every nook and cranny.

To Sum Up

Considering all these amazing ideas, having a wedding in the fall and/or winter seems like an easy choice to make. The sheer amount of unique options available to you are simply staggering. From variations of wedding dresses to nifty wedding reception choices, you can turn your special day into a winter wonderland