Get imaginative with your wedding photo shoots!

A wedding is the coolest way to gather all your close relatives, friends, and coworkers together to thank them for making a positive impact in your lives. Of course there are a few you would rather hate to host but then… that’s a different topic for another day!

Photographing those priceless moments in such a manner that they make a permanent spot in people’s recollections isn’t too difficult if you choose a photographer carefully and let your imagination run wild.
Here are a few ideas you can include in your photo-shoot:

  1. Recreate the iconic Beatles’ Abbey Road sequence with the bride, groom, and their respective parents or siblings.
  2. Shoot the bouquet-throw shot from different angles- from behind the group, from the bottom or from a drone if budget permits.
  3. Capture the shoe toss in slow motion or time lapse.
  4. How about shooting your portfolio in a theater? Or at a spooky abandoned location?
  5. Outdoor wedding shoots offer the ultimate in capturing the clouds, the sunrise or sunset, and the natural elements. Try unconventional views and your photos will look brilliant.
  6. A tug-of-war between groomsmen and bridesmaids.
  7. Color-coordinated outfits can offer a surreal and extraordinary experience.
  8. Use strategically located mirrors for photographing wedding prep or reception.
  9. Finally, you can request your photographer to include some special effects to your portfolio. Dinosaurs, Star Wars, Water splashes, The Godfather etc. make for dramatic wedding shots.

Canada’s Bridal Show on September 8, 9 and 10, 2017 features many photography prodigies who are loaded with creative ideas to make your wedding an affair to remember. Get inspired and go for the shoot of your lifetime- cute, quirky or dramatic!
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