If you’re having a winter wedding, then you need to read this short article! We’ve been in the wedding business for a quite a while, and we’ve learned everything you need to know about having the perfect winter wedding. Click the title and continue reading to benefit from our years of wedding wisdom.

Embrace the Winter Theme

Having your wedding in winter isn’t everyone’s first choice, but that’s okay. Once you’ve decided to have a winter wedding, it’s important to commit the cold weather celebration. This means staying away from warm-weather themes. Just because you had your heart set on a tropical-themed wedding doesn’t mean it will make sense to have steel drums playing the middle of January as your guests shake the snow off their feet upon arriving.
Popular themes for winter weddings can include things like a Winter Wonderland, Enchanted Snowy Forest, Fire & Ice, or Furs & Comfort Foods just to name a few. The possibilities are endless, but be sure to have them in-line with what the weather is doing outside.

Make Accommodations for the Snow

From hand warmers and space heaters to extra-absorbent mats, it makes a lot of sense to prepare for the chill and wet that comes along with people coming in from out of the cold. Winter is unpredictable, to say the least, and you can never guarantee the forecast will cooperate. It’s always better to be prepared with a multitude of methods designed to keep the damp out of the reception area. Nothing will stop the party like a trail of cold, muddy water trickling its way onto the dance floor.

Winter Decorations

Reindeer wedding cake toppers and pinecone ornaments really find their home in winter weddings. All manner of evergreen wreaths and winter accessories can add value to your big day, and help make every feature pop with wintery splendour. The time of year can also influence the arrangement of your wedding bouquets. Winter dresses, wedding bells, winter-themed programs and invitations, the opportunities for ingenious decoration ideas are endless!

Keep Everyone Warm

This may seem like an obvious observation to make, and while many people do think about this when planning a winter wedding, the practical applications of actually keeping everyone warm is a lot harder than it seems. The most effective thing you can to do achieve this is the keep the main party far away from any frequently used entrances and exits. The constant opening of doors to the chilly outside will create a constant influx of cold air that will hamper the festivities. It’s great if everyone is dancing, but not if they’re doing so simply to keep warm. Place extra space heaters strategically along the avenue this cold air might travel, and that will help mitigate its effect on your guests a great deal.

Wrapping Up

The truth is that winter weddings can be even more magical than their warm-weather counterparts. By following these few easy tips, you can be sure everything on your wedding day will be exactly as special as you’ve always dreamed it would be.