You deserve to have your wedding exactly the way you want it. Whether this means having a large or small guest list is entirely up to you. There are many pros and cons to each choice, and we’re here to tell you exactly what they all are! Continue reading on down below to find out which sized wedding is right for you.

Alright, first let’s go over some of the obvious (and major) benefits of having a small wedding.

The Good
The biggest advantage of having a small wedding is the savings. Quite naturally, when you have a wedding with a small guest list, you can book a smaller venue, send out fewer invitations, and save on the headcount when it comes to that pesky plate per person price.
While saving money is all well and good, the other positive quality of having a small wedding is that it creates a more personal, more intimate setting. Getting to marry the love of your life in front the people that matter most, and only the people that matter most, is a special thing. If you’re the type of couple who values quality over quantity, then there are several good reasons to choose a small wedding.

The Bad
Of course, there are a few downsides to having a small wedding as well. First and foremost is the risk of alienating friends and/or relatives who didn’t make the cut. While it may seem like a perfectly reasonable and fine thing to you, the fact remains that some people may be offended if they’re not invited to your wedding, regardless of your perfectly legitimate reasons for doing so.
There’s also the gift side of things to consider. Being married isn’t just a title you adopt, and it isn’t just a series of solemn oaths. Your wedding day is the first day of the rest of your life, and it marks the beginning of a grand adventure. Most of us need a fair bit of help to start this journey, and that’s why the tradition of giving a wedding gift exists in the first place. If you’ve got a small guest list, this severely limits the number of gifts you’re likely to receive. Gifts should be the last thing on your mind when you get married, but they are helpful to have, and ought to be considered when choosing your wedding size.

For those of you who’re looking forward to making your wedding a grand affair, a large wedding is most certainly for you. Here is a brief rundown of ups and downs to having a large wedding.

The Good
For many people, the old adage “The more the merrier” often holds true. Having more people around to share in the joy of your wedding day often creates a more meaningful experience. It’s an opportunity to see friends and relatives you don’t often get to spend time with and invite them to celebrate the happiness you’ve found.
A large wedding also presents an opportunity for more photographs taken, more memories made, and more good times had by all. It means more dancing, more laughing, and more well wishes. It also means that you can invite anybody and everybody and thereby avoid hurt feelings and bruised egos.

The Bad
The most obvious consideration is, of course, the cost. A large wedding is sure to increase your wedding costs dramatically. For some, this may not be much of an issue, but for others, it will be an extremely important issue. The most practical advice that we can offer is this: always stay in your budget. Going over your budget, or going in debt and spending money you don’t have, all for the sake of a one-day celebration is never a good idea. Plus, it’s sure to lead to arguments, stress, and possibly even fights with your betrothed (which is the last thing a wedding planning situation needs).
Another downside is all the extra planning that goes into having a large wedding. Never mind the cost, but the sheer amount of time you and your future spouse will have to invest is considerable. It could mean late nights, added stress, and more than a few headaches. Hiring a wedding planner can make this process easier, but that’s not always in everyone’s budget, and you still have to make all the final decisions.

The Final Verdict
At the end of the day, you should choose the wedding size you and your future spouse have your hearts set on. But we hope this short summary has helped inform your decision and even reinforced the choice you already desire. Whichever decision you go with, we hope your wedding is a magical experience that you remember fondly for the rest of your days.