Where do you want your dream wedding – Indoor or Outdoor?

Deciding on a venue for your dream wedding is an annoyance you’ll love to have. Each of the two choices- indoor or outdoor has its own pros and cons, yet each can be a fulfilling choice for an unforgettable event.
Once you are able to list down your preferences, making a choice becomes easier. The following pointers will certainly help you in taking an informed decision.

Indoor Wedding Venue:

Weather cannot play spoilsport. This can be the biggest plus if you’ve chosen a winter wedding.Space Limitations. Bigger the venue, bigger the price-tag. You may have to trim your guest list or shell out more to accommodate a crowd.
Loads of Décor options. You can choose any theme of your choice for your dream day.
Parking Problems.
 Most indoor venues are in the middle of the city, so ensure the one you choose has ample parking space, or prearrange valets for your guests.

Outdoor Wedding Venue:

Advantages Challenges
Weather! Nobody can ignore the absolute romanticism of a clear day on her wedding. Many breathtaking weddings have taken place outdoors!Costs. You may need to keep a backup plan ready in the form of a tent or some indoor to counter the effects of an unpredictable weather.
You can save handsomely. The natural beauty of an outdoor venue is the only décor you need. The landscapes and those fabulous views don’t need any artificial décor.Washrooms. The outdoor venues usually have their washrooms and brides’ rooms at quite a distance from the main venue. You may need to throw urgency out of window and settle for a more planned tactic.

Inside or outside, your wedding should remain a day to remember. Don’t let others’ expectations weigh you down. Choose your venue based on your liking, budget and time of the year.
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