Everybody wants their wedding day to be perfect. Life, however, usually finds a way to mix things up. And that’s because life is unexpected, always changing, and beautiful. That’s why we search for that one person with whom we want to spend the rest of our days. 
When the day of your wedding comes, it won’t matter if everything goes perfectly. The only important thing will be finding the right words to pledge your love, honour, and respect to your betrothed. If you’re having a hard time deciding between your own, or traditional vows we’ve got a few points you may want to consider.
Traditional Vows
The main benefit of traditional wedding vows is that they require no inventiveness on your part. You won’t have to access your creative side if you don’t want to, and most traditional vows pretty well cover the kind of promises you want to make.
The downside is that some people feel as though traditional vows deprive them of the chance to say exactly what’s in their heart. While most traditional vows are well-written and sound great when spoken, depending on your religious or ethnic background, your traditional vows may not cover everything you want to say.
However, if you’re determined to write your own vows, you can use the traditional ones for inspiration. From there, you let your heart do the talking.
Writing Your Own Vows
If you’re the creative type, or you simply want to personalize your oath, then writing your own vows is definitely something to consider. However, both the bride and groom should agree on this tactic well beforehand. If your significant other isn’t as good with words as you are, there may be some pushback to the idea of writing your own vows.
Being able to create an eloquent and gorgeous set of vows is one of the biggest reasons people choose to write their own vows. If you consider yourself a wordsmith there’s a lot you can accomplish by doing it yourself. You could put every sublime, beautiful thing you feel for your partner into a rich, carefully crafted speech that has every single one of your guests in tears.
But really, the advantage in writing your own vows is getting to tell your soon-to-be husband or wife, just how much you love them, how much you’ll care for them, and how the only life you want to live is a life lived with them.
Go With What You Know
While we’ve given you the important things to consider, when it comes down to it, you should choose the option you’re most comfortable with. Talk to your betrothed, and come to a decision about it as a team, it will be good practice for when you’re married.